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Even the coops that are now just shops and a failed bank run by a drug addict Methodist minister were once a rebellion against 'trucking' - over-priced factory shops Moll.  

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On Thursday, October 30, 2014 11:49:15 AM UTC-4, facilitator wrote:
I wish !  Not all artists are well hung.  Some of the work ends up in garage sales.

In regards to the woman who was hung recently in Iran,  there is an underlying premiss that any evil men do are simply the result of a woman causing that to occur.  This is partly the problem within the system is the premiss that somehow people are inherently good…we are not.   Our morality fights the evolutionary urge to be the fittest and to kill off the competitor, or the weaker.  

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 5:08:02 AM UTC-4, archytas wrote:
Hanging might be less cruel than suffering some of the cop, social worker and other town hall incompetence.   A lot of the kids lied to me Molly - quite common in abuse cases - over stuff I could check up on.  Some even tried to chat me up etc.  Given we have known forever that many abuse cases are not independently witnessed and victims are incredibly easy to discredit, I'm amazed we don't routinely bug to get independent evidence - I even hid in a wardrobe to get one perp.  Given people catch their nannies doing things wrong on CCTV, you'd think we could work a system out for abuse.

I've often thought we could go back to something more like village life by gating off in our existing towns.

Tony is probably the only one of us who gets hung regularly.

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 8:09:33 AM UTC, Allan Heretic wrote:
Good idea Tony, hope you are never the victim. (Hmmm)

You have a job i would not envy, times are hard and will be getting harder.. It seems to me there is an ever increasing desire for war from all sides. 

Been thinking about my dad and the men's coop.  Considering the down slide in morality, the coop idea might have possibilities especially when coupled  with a gated community.
My idea is the community would be owned by the coop .. ( say a block of apartments) To become a member of the gated or coop you have to live to a set of moral commitments. (Including spousal abuse , drug use (guidelines would need to be developed. (lol right after we hang Tony for something he might do or could have done..  (",)

All an
do not murder, rape, enslave or harm others

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Iran has seem to have solved the problem by being able to hang the victim.

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 9:40:49 PM UTC-4, archytas wrote:
BBC's 'Panorama' produced a documentary last night on 'Baby P' - Peter Connelly killed at 17 months after much abuse 7 years ago.  The perpetrators were jailed, scum of little interest.  There was a serious case review, generally a hapless procedure of whitewash here.  It now seems this and other reports were a fix to pin blame on social services - in fact all agencies involved were useless, social services perhaps less so than the politicians and others.  Obviously, no reasonable society would want this kind of vicious cover-up at all or not to know what really went on for 7 years, given we should want to put things right (the 'learning lessons' rhetoric).

Britain is an intensely secretive society.  I don't even know why we got involved in the two world wars, let alone Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.  When I think of Gabby or Germans I have actually met, I have even less idea on the world wars.  I doubt ignorance is my problem in this - it's just clear the general stuff we are given is bunk.  When one researches social issues from war to child abuse, the reality shifts a long way from the history of Empire I was taught and the idea our politicians and bureaucracy operate in any competent way.

In another case, in Rotherham, more than 1400 victims of child sexual exploitation were further abused by all the services they encountered.  In this case, a young, female Home Office researcher had her work destroyed and was threatened by two police officers who said they were going to give her name and address to the abusers.  There are so many other cases I doubt I could finish writing their outline within a couple of days.  This is before one thinks about our banks and business practices, and revolting breaches of trust by priests, teachers and cops.

Who can we even tell when it is almost impossible to think of any speedy and fair investigations and resolutions - or even admissions of wrong-doing by our establishments?  This before you realise cops and other agencies quickly brief against victims and other complainants.



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