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Re: Robert Graves/Cambrin Wood

was Siegfried Sassoon ther with Graves? or was he already in the military hospital?

On Friday, May 4, 2007 at 2:40:57 PM UTC-4, Peter wrote:

On May 4, 4:09 am, "Everett Sharp" <>
> In his poem 'When I'm Killed' of July 1916 Graves writes of him 'Buried there in Cambrin Wood'
> Cambrin is a rather samll place, way beyond St Quintin and at this time deep within German occupied France.
> Can anyone tell me why this location?

Why not?

Cambrin wood was very much the front line in 1916. The Germans blow up
a mine under the British Trench at Cambrin in March of that
year(1916). That explosion buried a few British soldiers, including
Private Hart. Private Hart was shot was later shot for, I think
desertion. Graves, as has been mentioned was there in 1915. Not sure
if the church, with or without a graveyard, is relevant. Everywhere
that there was fighting had a graveyard afterwards.

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