Thursday, January 31, 2013

Re: Mind's Eye Good and bad

The good with the bad can be a hard one, most here have likely heard the
theory: evolutionary fitness of pattern recognition that results in
anxiety and seeing phantoms in the darkness as a preemptive adaptation.
One I've been toying with is that the distribution of prestige in an
egalitarian tribal setting may have been regulated by these fixations,
an irrelevant leader is finished, a discredited and dishonored leader
will lose influence and alliances. It is a work in progress.

The first is something I feel a bond in with our canine companion when
just watching the woods, he is usually doing the same thing I am (even
if I usually hear things first), he has a hell of a nose- neither of us
can turn it off, straining at the boundaries of the senses. It is fun,
validating and honest. A positive side. I've been attacked by dogs
several times when younger. Once in highschool I helped someone moving
and sat in the back with their ketamine drugged large lab, long story
short I had to stick my hand in his mouth and hold on to hold him off my
neck. Set it myself, wrapped up and it swelled up like a pro baseball
for a week. We adopted a beaten dog around that time that would
completely flip if you moved wrong (almost any move really) so we became
friends by sparring, him gnashing teeth and spit like a total spaz I
knew he was nuts but never hit or kicked him if he snagged me good.
Eventually he showed care and remorse if I got hurt, we would stop and
talk and even have mild contact like a stroke or two but keeping space
or he'd have my face. I look to things sometimes, and find compassion is
powerful, you can trick the brain into allowing a little to shine back
in too. How many people watch the water running down a drain and hope
they don't badly need that little bit someday? Someone reading this mail
is not likely to. Apprehension is enough to drive one to religion! I'm
not into Pascal's wager, but I've got a healthy respect for the fates.
Enough to be grateful I'm not like that dog, and even some people. I'm
just a bit like my dog, which is good, even if he listens about as well
as my two boys. *chuckles


My writing is getting worse, I think, meh..

On 1/28/2013 6:11 AM, andrew vecsey wrote:
> Why do so many of us remember negative feelings easier than positive
> ones. Pain over pleasure. Bad news over good news. Why does "bad"
> overshadow "good", immorality over morality, despair over hope,
> pessimism over optimism. Why does hate appear to be more powerful than
> love? Why is greed louder than generosity. Why is destruction of war
> so much faster than the building power of peace. Why can one little
> lie destroy a lifetime of trust. Why are lies more influential than
> truth. It all seems so one sided. Why is that?
> --


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