Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mind's Eye Re: The Truth and Nothing But...

True. The truth can hurt- maybe that's why we avoid it- or try to. And
it takes time/maturity/experience to weigh and judge facts. The best I
can do is get back to those imaginary scales I try to manage- weighing
the good against the bad- and hoping they will balance and bring me
some kind of acceptance.

On Jul 28, 10:10 pm, Vam <atewari2...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Things might be in books, papers, media, or other people's minds.
> Yet, it is YOU who is central to everything, including facts you are aware
> of.
> Facts are truths of the moment, as it is in your insight and conviction.
> Even whether a 'story' is complete, or not, is a matter of your perception.
> Of course, it depends upon how much details you've gone on to acquire
> and place in your awareness, analysed it and obtained a consistent insight
> with a critical eye.
> The elephant in the room can be known for what it is.
> But it takes focus, the opposite of dissipation,
> and hell of a lot of going through.
> We've generally lost the motivation for going after facts
> and the art of going through !
> On Sunday, July 29, 2012 1:49:51 AM UTC+5:30, rigsy03 wrote:
> > Was thinking more about Vam's statement about facts. Well, who
> > presents the facts and how are they edited or censored? Many were
> > content to think of American Indians as Tonto(Lone Ranger) until "Bury
> > My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown came out. When facts have a
> > political, religious or social purpose, you can bet you are not
> > getting the complete story. Same with families who whitewash family
> > history. No one who has read British history believes the Olympic
> > opening ceremony selections are the full story- that's entertainment-
> > otherwise fisticuffs and tears.- Hide quoted text -
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