Friday, September 30, 2011

[Mind's Eye] Re: Hello and questions worth pondering

First, welcome AJ!

As to your "… I have so many questions that need affirmation…", I
would advise a more cautious approach. While some people may actually
know more than you, until you, yourself know more, it is difficult to
identify those from whom to accept 'affirmation'.

As to your first question about space being intelligent, I like you
appreciate the current theory of science even though by definition
such notions are open to and actually wishing to be attacked and
'disproven'. I find most entertaining at best. I won't bore you with
much more that isn't in direct response to your query; however, to be
more transparent, I find the study of mind (more accurately how we
know and what the nature of reality is – epistemology and ontology) to
be more interesting…but as I say, that is me.

Your second question about fractals, no…I don't contemplate them much
at all let alone have any associations with them and any sort of deity
at all.

I know precious little about the heating of the universe so will not
go there now.

As to the purpose/meaning of it all being to become Love, in a sense,
yes, knowing love at a deep level is a result of knowing most of the
rest of it. At least, that is what I've found. However, here I don't
go into theology much.

On Sep 30, 4:45 pm, AJ Fogle <> wrote:
> Hello all. I am new to the group and am interested in talking about
> these deeper topics with anyone who will allow it. I have so many
> questions that need affirmation as well. One for example I thought of
> from reading the God particle post.  In it someone posted that we can
> not measure it, because we are actually in it. I do not disagree, but
> was wondering if there is any evidence to support the idea that space
> is actually intelligent or perhaps more in line with  intelligent
> energy fields both receptive and productive?  I guess what I am most
> in need of would be the current science theory in many areas of
> study.  I would very much  enjoy  these types of study and
> conversation.
> Secondly, does anyone want to consider the fractal in the pondering of
> God and spirit?  I was under the impression that most  philosophers
> exclude the idea of  there being a God or spirit, although this is not
> an educated impression and perhaps it is wrong entirely.  I put this
> question out there in order to see if there are enough deep thinkers.
> with the extra time available, to address some of these issues with
> me. Anyone?
> Another post  here mentioned something about the "heating condition of
> the universe" and well quite frankly, I must hear more on this topic
> as well. I have had my own ideas on that subject  and I have a feeling
> the information will simply validate those ideas.  However, I do not
> know why this heating is happening, do you?
> Ok, I do not want to annoy any of you so I will stop with these vague,
> but meaningful, to me, questions for you all.  With a sincere hope to
> have someone, or many, open in conversation to me. I am honest and
> sincere and turned on by intelligence .. I hope that isn't offensive
> to any of you either.  I have no problems with being told I am wrong
> and will gladly consider the evidence that proves the statement.
> Personally, I find the thought of walking around believing in
> something that is based in error, very upsetting and welcome fact and
> truth, with open arms. Hopefully this will put you at ease and somehow
> give you some insight into me as well.
> Finally... Consider this.....The purpose of life, the reason we are
> here ... the meaning of it all... is simply to BECOME LOVE.  Think
> about it and let me know what you think. I am very interested in
> hearing what you have to say.  Thanks for your time. Be blessed.


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