Thursday, October 8, 2015

RE: Mind's Eye Purpose

Actually the perpose and direction of a soul is to grow and develop spiritually.  Every soul knows the basic guideline "Avoid doing harm;" this spiritual development is determined by how you respond to the situations that occur in your life.
There is nothing wrong with caring for and helping others especially when you have nothing to gain.
Now your perspective on life and how you respond determines your spiritual development. . Now contrary to popular opion death does not bring spiritual retirement. . Rather at death you continue on in your spiritual journey.. your starting point in your next reality is where you deoarted from in this reality. . Has nothing to do with beliefs.. it comes down to how you dealt with this time now..

I often wobder where the spiritual life starts for those who realith isone of greed and self centered reality ..or whose reality is centered on controling others..

Avoid doing harm ;

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Perhaps my souls purpose is to be of service to others.  I notice that seems to be a theme in my life.  And sometimes I wonder if the those who seem without purpose are actually tightly bound to anothers purpose.  Perhaps for some of us our purpose lies in helping others fulfill their own.


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