Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Re: Mind's Eye Re: Awareness

It is a afe haven..  and Don the information on the 6th Mass Extinction is on the internet.. it is under a web site search. True or not that is to be seen.. My gut tells me they are right we as humanity are going through natural resources at an alarming rate. There is a small amount of people that control the majorty of resources..  
The climate is radically changing and not for the best.. people appear to be living in denial. 
There are a lot of questions like how do you regain control of the banks and companies that used taxpayers money to save their asses from bankruptcy. . Or are the last recession long forgotten. . I know politicians and the people involved in causing the recession do not want take responsibility. .
You have to look at the problems in europe and ask what the original cause is..  then ask if those people are taking responsibility? 

Avoid doing harm

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Don't stop though.  I guess I'm one of the guilty parties.  I need to stop in more often.  I always enjoy it here.  It is like a safe haven.  Someone to come home to.  Thank you for sticking around.  I'm sorry I don't contribute more.


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