Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mind's Eye Greece debt.

I  think the banksters are playing  a sad game full of greed and hatred. When Greece entered the euro zone the exchange rate was fixed and unchangeable at 340.750 Drachma to 1 euro.
That was a dictated and unchanable rate. In a way that is a good idea and because if Greece leaves the euro the starting point for the Drachma is already fixed.  I know the banksters will not like it but the moment it converts back to the drachma Greeces Euro debt is directly  converted Drachmas because they are no longer in the Euro zone. The fixed exchange determined by European bank 340.75 to 1 euro Greek debt is instantly converted to the drachma the currency in which they will pay their debt and the amount is fixed and no longer changeable.
Because the amount of debt is now in drachma the games the world bank want to play with the drachma's value in the currency exchange market becomes the banksters problem.

Avoid: Murder, Rape and enslavement of others.


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