Friday, April 10, 2015

Re: Mind's Eye Re: Honest Alter Universes

One line sometimes really does say it all Tony!  Allan would be easy if he sometimes didn't get the odd line so right you can't ignore it.

On Friday, April 10, 2015 at 5:40:20 PM UTC+1, facilitator wrote:
I feel really blessed that I don't understand you Allan.   

On Friday, April 10, 2015 at 11:51:34 AM UTC-4, Allan Heretic wrote:
Dental cleaning or shall we say clarification of ideas.. I am not a big fan of Islam and really  don't hide it. At the same time for some strange reason I have many male Muslim friends.. mostly male with one female.. she is my pharmacist.

I am not a fan if terrorism,  most forms of it are the result of mindless fundamentalist views. Those views are not always religious but can also can be political. If we look at the political terrorism it really  is world wide. Rampant in the United States ruling using fear. Some of the terrorism is justified by religious grounds.. I also see the terrorism justified on political  grounds.. conservitism or poverty.  There are many mindless unthought out or snappy sayings without looking at what is said or effect.

Personally I  do not like the prayer known as the "Hail Mary" yes it is repeated in the rosary. The rosary has been recited at least from the middle ages when it started I really don't know. Tony your cult statement is not original I have heard it for over 50 years. It was wrong then and is wrong today. Calling the people  that pray the rosery a cult. .. well it does explain why you were running  out of fear down the streets of NY  after claiming to have had God speak to you.. well the truth is it is not that uncommon for God to speak to ordinary people  so S/He probably did. And like Saul of Tarsus who run off to save the world..  which is interesting because the way I read it all God said was to stop killing his people..  and he did that.. the rest of his activities are a totally  different question. .  If you start dictating to others what they have to believe in all likelihood you are going to get thumped. . 

Over the years there has been  an active interaction  between me and the realm of the soul... every time one of these incedences occur my Soul get severally  rattled mostly keeping them to myself while I sort out what happened.  On occasions  i do share them with friends..  but I will take the time tell you what happened  to me in Tuscon AZ many many years ago. It was shortly after my birthday  an a Lady friend gave me a gift of Bible ( latest  version )  i was in a church sitting there reading .. (on the pillars were lights that you could turn on for reading that was I liked going to the church.. ) There  were a small group of people that gathered say the rosary daily.. I  was busy reading my new bible when and they were doing their thing in a different part of the church.. an older couple was hobbling past when she collapsed right next to where I was reading.  She fell  in such a position even though I am well trained emergency  services there was nothing I could do .. in panic  I thought what do I do..  and the little  group  restarted "Hail Mary full of grace. . . ." so I joined in.. the lady had no pulse in her neck and she was not beathing..  the priest  came flying in on a dead run with his purple stole around his neck, blessed oils in hand .  The fire department came charging in through the main doors.. just before they arrived I felt her heart restart. Her breath began flowing over my wrist.  I moved out of the way as the lady sat up when her rescuers arrived. They wanted to take her to the hospital which was turned down.  Everyone left and the couple continued to their favourite seat in the church. They were well into their 90's and as they walked away I heard her say "You know Henry I feel  better now than when we came to church this morning."
Everything quieted down and I sat there reflecting on what had occurred  when I heard God's voice say "I can take life and give life when I choose. "

Are there alternative realities.  For me the answer is yes there is.


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