Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mind's Eye Re: What drives the herd to keep the mainstream milktoast?

I wonder how much of what goes on over there is getting back to us as news. Even the guerrilla journalists have gone quiet (at least the ones I know.) Might be easier to cover the Ferguson Missouri racial divide (imbued with the KKK for generations.) 

On Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 2:08:54 PM UTC-4, archytas wrote:
I think we have outside and inner confused.  The right ideology of self-reliance is a chronic lie writ large.  Hollywood printed various legends about this, including cub reporters bringing corruption to light.  If a few of us looked back on our film experiences we would probably get to see just how much we were being fooled by a slick propaganda system.  I think we need more biology in mind on how disabling living in groups is - and think beyond this and self-reliance.  Broader linking thought is needed.  Ban the Bomb is fine, but presumably give it up and do nothing about stopping those guys who keep women in black bags building what we have given up - is presumably dumb ducking of the worst order.

On Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 6:15:17 PM UTC+1, Molly wrote:
Being fed the human dead is an apt metaphor. The sleeping human might also be on point. TV is awful, few movies in our house make it to the "not a stinker" category. On whole, I am glad the warmer weather is upon us so that my attention will be directed outside with a greater "to do" list, including a new circle study to hang on the garden shed to compliment the black sun. And yet, on the whole I think the quality of my inner workings is up to me and not Hollywood.

Journalists used to vet our politicians and investigate the hidden. Or did I just think it was doing that? Now I find it going through the motions and selling out to sensationalism and private interest.

On Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 12:56:22 PM UTC-4, archytas wrote:
One might think of this more directly in terms of a spiritual grasp of the whole.  I don't mean chanting monks as Orn would tell us about, but rather  whatever might have us involved (though chanting monks are surely more interesting than live television watching people sleep - presumably hoping they won't wake up and make things even more boring).  We might list responses from Allan's sig line, chanting monks, soap opera, libidinal newsrooms and direct action to living in a big data field that is very distressing.

Allan's sig line    - raises wicked witch of Berlin leading to 'arguments' that distract from what real issues might be
Chanting monks  - may have pleasant voices
Reality TV          - needs cameras following idiots that 'watch' it
Libidinal newsrooms  - need surveillance of quasi and real masturbation fantasies (people write in protesting they can't see the legs of female news presenters)

All these matters and ,many more could be looked at in a big data framework in which we could see the 'individual' formed in terms of time spent in what is mostly not activity concerned with fulfilment.  Looking at television schedules, Sue and I find almost nothing to watch and most of that made 20 years ago and more.  Metaphorically, we think the entertainment industry and internet powers, education and politics feed us Soylent Green! 

On Sunday, 29 March 2015 13:53:18 UTC+1, Molly wrote:
"The tragedy of journalism now is that it is demand driven. And when you ask people what they want, we're like one of those rats that have a lever to push and cocaine comes out. And once that happens one time, they'll stay there till they die, until more of the drug appears. We can't help loving lurid stories and suspense and the kind of sex and violence which the news is now made up of," Marty Kaplan tells Bill in this interview.

"The power of mass distraction" is an interesting notion, and I find that it is much easier for people to look away from a problem than to contribute to a solution. Part of that may be disagreement on what the solution is. Much of it may be the overall malaise of "nothing I can do about it" as most of us feel we have no real influence on the larger world problems. In the past four years I've seen a dramatic drop in public demonstrations in downtown Detroit and most of the demonstrations that happen are of the "for hire" variety, with the same nationally based organizers who are making a buck off the movement (big time) and choose the causes carefully to insure that.

I demonstrated during the Vietnam demonstration era and found that many of my pier group became social organizers afterward, not organizing demonstrations but organizing communities from within, more of social service than social activism as we know it today. There are huge demonstrations going on all over the world but not many here in the US. Does this mean we are giving into distraction and looking away from solutions waiting for the action to implement? Or is there a different social organization emerging, one more of collaboration than dissension? Or something else?


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