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Re: Mind's Eye Re: Who can we tell?

Even Ghandi...the problem does seem to be everywhere, but I do agree that we can and should do better by our kids.  Peace, like the notion of empowerment, is not something that can be given.  It is found within and I do believe you have to learn to leave the thoughts behind first.  Sustaining a quiet mind is the first step. LaCasa, or the Lake County Council Against Sexual Assault was independent of the courts and savvy enough to be able to guide the clients through the system, which takes alot of cash to buy attorneys good enough to establish a network in the system (of guys like you Neil) willing to apply the law, leaving out the slime. A fast track, supported by all the non pedophiles willing to put their neck out a little to get it done.  Years if not decades in the making, but if this agency is the first step for a victim, chances are they will find their way out of harms way.Human cooperation at its finest. There was an incredibly talented woman at the head from the beginning, charismatic and bright enough to pull it together and keep it together. In her little corner of the world, it made a difference.  Globally, it is an enormous problem.  When Gruff posted his manifesto here in ME I about fell off my chair.  Like I said, everywhere. Who can we tell? It takes some digging to find agencies like LaCasa and if we are lucky enough, they are nearby to be found.

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 11:28:41 PM UTC-4, archytas wrote:
This is a good point Tony - though I'm not sure it is true (I just don't know).  One can think of a lot of support - Tito in Yugoslavia, what happened to Cyprus after the Brits left, the break-up of the USSR, Singapore, the current vile dictator in Rwanda, Cyrus the Great in Persia - but Greece and Rome were more barbaric than the so-called Barbarians.

Authority is never as rational as it claims - courtrooms are true Oedipal dramas, economics is no science but rather a religious control fraud - yet women could once not give testimony because they had no testicles of hang onto and they are not so badly treated now.  Has what emancipation and freedom we have arisen under terror dictatorship?  Iraqis used to tell me Saddam at least kept the Mullahs off their backs - but also that before him they were developing a decent modern society, as Iran was before "we" disrupted their democracies with CIA coups.

The shift to new positive ground is very difficult.  One always seems to have to talk to ignorance - a hideous elitist demon arises - we turn Marxism into 'Soviet Paradise' and 'Year Zero', democracy into false promises for the majority vote or to elect the Muslim Brotherhood who will deny future voting - or bully our students with erudite credibility based on a vacuous belief in economics textbooks as pertinent as the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Whilst we call for perverts to be jailed we miss that a dozen released perverts a month commit further perversion - and the more important matter that economic policies make more kids vulnerable to exploitation.  We rail against child abuse, yet have a legal system allowing evidence of shaken baby syndrome that has no scientific basis and convicts the last person with a child.  We have ages of consent, but Polanski still makes films.

We need to be on the high moral ground, yet capable of laughing off the seriousness and zealot's mask.  I can wander into the world of Molly clinging to a tree branch as a young girl and share the wonder too.  Could you paint anything resembling the restrictions on our thought mate?

On Friday, October 31, 2014 1:10:22 AM UTC, facilitator wrote:
Unfortunately, for mankind, the most peaceful times came under strict rule.  Even the Israelites when things were going well shouted to God, "Give us a King to rule over us!"  They got some good and some vile.

The middle east was a bit calmer when dictators ruled.

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 8:40:00 PM UTC-4, archytas wrote:
How can we offer peace?


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