Friday, August 29, 2014

Re: Mind's Eye Re: Positive ideas education

Nature clearly demonstrates cycles of growth and separation.  This trend is seen from cells to mountains and from families to empires.  Growth reaches a point where the size becomes too big to sustain itself and then falls apart, separating into smaller better manageable pieces.  Man tends to interfere with nature, and the trend to globalization as desired by the few greedy powerful that want to have it all is a clear indication of this.  Schools have followed this trend. They started out as facilities of learning in families and communities. They became international centers of indoctrination.  Politics also have followed this trend. They started out as communities and ended up as empires. Businesses started out as family run enterprises and ended up as global corporations.  Left to themselves, they will all get too big and fall into smaller pieces.  Thanks to the technologies available at the present, this cycle of growth and separation can be allowed to follow without the normal destructive processes that would be otherwise necessary to allow the "too big to fail" to fail.

For schools and education, this is the internet. For empires, this is the democratic process of voting instead of wars.  For the banks, this is the bitcoin protocol.

It high time for people, especially educated ones and those claiming to be "free thinkers" to embrace these possibilities.  But unfortunately too many are already brainwashed.  

There is hope. The simple solution to this ever growing trend of the few rich to actually get it all is not to play along. Once people actually find that "local small" is more desirable to "global big", then the first step is made. Then you can vote with your wallet and support local schools and businesses over the global ones. This is possible because the driving force of these greedy few rich that want it all is money.

If this seems too simplistic, it is because most "thinkers" are brainwashed to believe in "the bigger the better" way of thinking. Most "thinkers" also are brainwashed to believe that "if it is too simple, then it has not been fully thought out and needs more expertise to make it work at all".  Unfortunately with the mass media, most of us have been brainwashed not to think at all and to be complacent with entertainment and drugs.  


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