Monday, July 28, 2014

Mind's Eye Separatists, separation, independence and freedom

Dear members, I would like to open up a discussion concerning the right of a people to separate and be independent from whoever and whatever they are tied to, whether it be a partner, a family or a state.
I have 3 examples:- The people of Ukraine, The Palestinians in Gaza, and a friend. All 3 show a determination to separate and be independent, and are ready to fight for their independence and separation. 
My simple solution to this complex problem is to have a referendum and to respect the majority vote. If people do not vote, it should be considered that they do not know or care.
It is far better for partners who do not get along together to separate rather than to fight. It is better as well for their neighbors.
Jesus said that if someone slaps you on your cheek, rather than to slap him back, you should offer him your other cheek to slap. Jesus also said that if you love your enemies, then you will not have any enemies to hate and fear. As long as we follow the eye for eyes and and tooth for teeth system of justice, we will continue to fight to the bitter end. As long as we think that we are better than others, then we will never be able to live together in harmony and peace. It is high time we change or ways and show respect to others.
Are there any examples in any countries in the world where the people want a part to separate but that part refuses and fights for their right to stay?   


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