Monday, July 28, 2014

Mind's Eye Re: Separatists, separation, independence and freedom

Thanks for replying. No one knows at present what Jesus said verbatim. But we do know his message of salvation which 2000 years later has proven to be true. He said that if we do not respect nature and do not love our fellow men, even if they are our enemies, just like they were our family, and if we continue with the eye for eyes mentality and our continuous fighting one another, then we are all doomed. How true that is proving to be.

But lets keep on this topic of what we can do about people who fight to the death for their right to be independent. No one can force you to think and believe something that you do not what to think and believe. Especially when it comes to believing in god. But a country can and does force you to pay taxes,to fight wars, and to talk in a particular language. Is there a better form of deciding something that influences an entire group of people than to vote on it and agree to follow the majority votes?    

On Monday, July 28, 2014 3:39:09 PM UTC+2, facilitator wrote:
Majority vote is not often a good idea.  Majority does not always equal justice.  Should the highest number population wise of a religion force others to become that religion?

In terms of your reference to Jesus:  
 "Jesus also said that if you love your enemies, then you will not have any enemies to hate and fear"   This is incorrect.



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