Monday, July 28, 2014

Mind's Eye Re: Separatists, separation, independence and freedom

No one has the slightest idea what "Jesus" said or whether any historic individual is represented by stories of him.  The ideas are something else and I'd prefer to start with 'The Age of Reason' by Tom Paine.  I'm in strong agreement with Molly here, though wish things were different.  I lived in Beirut before westerners became walking kidnap opportunities and would probably still be there had the troubles not come.  It's time we fessed up on what causes our inability to live in sane communities of peace.  Majority voting has led to such dim-wit conclusions as the Third Reich and Muslim Brotherhood, despite hundreds of years since Spinoza set out the secular state as the only system that could support freedom of religion.  He was quite clear that the constitution in which voting operates needs a lot of consideration.

The population of Palestine before 1900 was 86% Muslim, 10% Christian and 4% Jewish.  No voting happened to allow the Zionist creation of Israel.  The latest Muslim zealots with guns have expelled Christians from Mosul.  There were many attempts by the Athenian Democracy to get over problems we can find in our modern attempts.  We need to find a constitutional way of living in honest fellowship.  It would be interesting to see what we think a modern constitution would be, and whether we would allow a bunch of people who vote for Hamas (now sponsored by Qatar more than Iran) to live within missile range of us in such a constitution.

On Monday, 28 July 2014 23:17:12 UTC+1, Molly wrote:
Would everyone voting have accurate information on the issues?  this would certainly take a great deal of organization.  If the group is ethnocentric or egocentric, chances are the majority rules method would not be a good idea.  In a worldcentric society where members are able to put the good of the group before their own if necessary, it may work, but this is a highly evolved group.  Here in the US, political campaigns count heavily on herd mentality and voters who are not worldly being swayed by negative and inaccurate information.  Hence, the Koch brother's ability to buy election and a congress filled with politicians for hire.  I agree, the ideal is much greater than the practical application.

On Monday, July 28, 2014 9:39:09 AM UTC-4, facilitator wrote:
Majority vote is not often a good idea.  Majority does not always equal justice.  Should the highest number population wise of a religion force others to become that religion?

In terms of your reference to Jesus:  
 "Jesus also said that if you love your enemies, then you will not have any enemies to hate and fear"   This is incorrect.



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