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What is "MT" ?

On Thursday, June 26, 2014 7:07:37 PM UTC+2, Allan Heretic wrote:
Andrew, I read what you write because its on the group. Leave references to MT out of your writings.

(  ~Quantum Soul
  )   ~  Soul controls Body
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Hi Molly, Nature shows us cycles of day and night, wake and sleep, summer and winter, etc. It is my belief that life and death is also a cycle. I have written a science fiction called "A Short History of a Long Future - A guide for New-man" that deals with the questions you have posted. Scientists discover "immortality" by replacing their bodies with machines and placing their brains in secure brain banks that remotely control their machine bodies. They then create a new life form called "new-man"  who eventually leads them to discover "god".  The following is one of the chapters in my book that describe the scientists entering "heaven".

The quest for god

A project was set up to try to find this twin universe that new-man claimed to be the eternal home of all our ancestors.

I went back with Dr. Lucy Fer thru the black hole in the search of new-man's mythical twin universe. We went back to the bottom world where we were able to convince enough people to form an expedition to explore the edge of our universe for its twin, as new-man prophesied. It was dangerous unknown territory.

Leaving the universe from its edge was not possible. The closer we got to the edge, the thicker space got until space seemed to solidify and we could no longer move in it as if we were encased in snow. We had to be pulled out by our colleagues. The laws of inertia stopped outside the universe. The space got thicker and thicker as you got to the edge blocking us from going further out.

Patiently over many centuries we explored the sides of our  old universe mapping it like Columbus mapped the shores of America. It was flat and smooth all over. We sailed the universe's coast for many centuries until we found a narrowing that looked like the universe was emptying into a river. We went up the river and it turned into a canyon becoming a tunnel with a blinding light at the end like a beacon that beckoned us to follow.

As we entered this new open space we saw that it had a size that we could easily map. We were looking into the twin brother of our universe described in the myths of new-man. It was 100 billion km across and looking back towards our universe was like looking into a human body while looking ahead was like looking into a human brain.

We immediately recognized it as a brain with each nerve cell represented by a space of energy patterns. Each cell was like a cathedral the size of a solar system.

As we entered this new discovered heaven we were met by people dressed in white. Heaven's welcoming delegation was carefully chosen from those we would recognize as relatives, friends, and ancestors all who had died. They greeted us affectionately showing us how happy they were to finally see us. We hugged and cried and talked about our lives. They made us feel at home. I felt somewhat ashamed that I could not recall my one immortal life as well as they were able to recall their many past short lives. They knew my own past lives better than I did. They saw my past lives with clarity while I knew only what I had read about them from history books. Then they explained to us how heaven worked.

They took us to our place in heaven, our own cathedral. They were ruins left abandoned for too long. They lay abandoned, deserted the past 10,000 years. When we wanted to enter they told us that the price to enter was death. We saw a list of all our reincarnations at the entrance. We were told to be proud of all our past lives, our contribution to humanity.

I found out to my shame that I was Hitler in a last life, And Lucy found out she was Stalin in a last life. We cried and laughed. But looking down the list of our past lives we were as well deeply gratified. I was Jesus and Lucy was Magdalena. We found ourselves as couples many times. We were Romeo and Juliet, and we experienced love in all its forms.

The entrance of all mansions had a list of all lifetimes that were contained in them. We saw that heaven had many neighbourhoods. Famous artists and entertainers tended to be grouped together, just like famous scientists were. It was like a university campus. We toured thru heaven like walking thru a cemetery looking for famous people. Some places were lively neighbourhoods with many souls leaving and entering the mansions. It was like there was a party in each mansion but we couldn't enter any of them. We were repeatedly reminded that we were just visiting souls, the first visiting souls in heaven's entire history, and that we had to die and be resident souls to enter any mansions. 

Others mansions had "AWAY" signs indicating where the souls were - in which world, and in which new born brain. We were told that this was to encourage resident souls to guide and watch over them during their life trip. Unfortunately this was very difficult to do after brains reached adulthood as their expanding rational minds gradually overpowered their intuition. Growing knowledge overshadows faith. It is only thru man's intuition and faith that we could guide.

Each soul had a space in heaven where they could publicly display their accumulated life experiences. It was like a library of a book collector or a museum of an art collector. There are souls whose main aim in reincarnation is to acquire famous art pieces. They reincarnated into sons of successful art thieves or into daughters of successful art collectors. Other souls had other needs and wants. Many souls had accumulated over 10,000 lifetimes and their place in heaven was proportionately large. We are so greedy and we have so much time that we end up striving to try everything there is to try.

Heaven was a busy place with souls leaving everything behind to pursue their dreams. It is like when we fall asleep to dream. Most souls are happy once they die and come back home. It is like waking up from a nightmare.  For most, playing life is addictive, like gambling. When we come back winners we eagerly play the game again. When we come back losers we get desperate to regain our winnings and do not know when to stop.

Resident souls who are not away on reincarnation rest, contemplate, and remotely watch life being played out on the various stages. Live programs are sponsored by the many reincarnation agencies. Souls watch these programs like you watch reality shows. They watch advertisements to decide where they want or need to reincarnate to. They have interactive control of the programs being able to tune in and focus on any person in any of the worlds. They use the morality channel connecting people to heaven to send out intuitive thoughts. Resident souls have the ability to rewind events in the past to review anything they might have missed. It is like rewinding a film to see its beginning again.

Many are greatly entertained by what they see in the bottom world, with the games people play fired by greed. Packed with drama, sports, action, and sex, anything can be found there. The problems people from the bottom world make for themselves and the holes they dig and continuously fall into is like watching the Simpsons.

The middle world offers a different kind of entertainment, mostly of educational value. The top world, man's brain bank as it is called in heaven is presented much like a news program. There are news bulletins, specials highlighting live events like wars, devastation, or discoveries. It is like watching CNN.

"New-man from new-earth in new-universe" is one of the most popular new programs. It features children being raised up with families. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and grandparents. It offers the celebration of births, the joy of families, and the mourning of death. It features new-man living in peace with nature and its animals. It is like watching National Geographic documentaries.

Welcome to heaven.

We are a collection of about 6 billion souls. We reincarnate into human brains to experience life. When we die, we return to heaven for a pause and wait for another turn at living life. For a few centuries we were all starting to get very worried. Most souls chose to stay in heaven and observe life from the safety of their home rather than to reincarnate and experience an immortal life and get stuck there.  Many reincarnated in your pets who were not immortal. All of us wanted to go back home. None of us wanted  to stagnate with one life.

Thanks to Dr. Joe Ova and his team we are again able to reincarnate without fear or worry. They have opened up a new universe with a new earth bearing new-man.  New earth has become the most popular and sought after place to reincarnate to. Heaven for a while lay stagnant but now it is waking up and starting finally to experience life.

Special note to Allan. Please do not hyperventilate.....this is only a science fiction and the "I" in the science fiction is not necessarily me.

As far as the other question you posted, I believe that when we die, we need time to kind of "wake up" and realize that we are back home. A kind of a jet lag. After that we try to influence the loved ones we left behind by giving them spontaneous thoughts called intuition. If we were hateful people, in the very beginning we might try to influence the ones we hated in the same way, but negatively. Eventually, our fellow souls would help us get over our hate. After sharing our life with our fellow souls and them sharing their lives with us, we might consider to apply for a new life. The life-death cycle could be seen as going on a trip to gain new experiences and coming back home to share them with our family and friends. 

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 12:40:12 AM UTC+2, Molly wrote:
I just had one of my favorite people on earth pass away and will spend the weekend at his services.  He was a big part of my life for may decades as a mentor, father figure, friend.  Makes me wonder: what do you think happens at the time of our death? What becomes of "us"? If we go on, how do we relate to those we leave behind, especially immediately following death?


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