Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mind's Eye Re: time of death

Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful reply.  I move on this weekend to the services, many people coming together to remember and honor my friend. He was a big part of my life, and I will miss him.  As Don suggests, life goes on for the living.  for the dead, I suspect it goes on in ways we may feel, but not fully understand.  Like to movie Cloud Atlas, or the book Years of Rice and Salt.  We can imagine these connections, but they are difficult if not impossible to validate.

On Tuesday, June 24, 2014 6:40:12 PM UTC-4, Molly wrote:
I just had one of my favorite people on earth pass away and will spend the weekend at his services.  He was a big part of my life for may decades as a mentor, father figure, friend.  Makes me wonder: what do you think happens at the time of our death? What becomes of "us"? If we go on, how do we relate to those we leave behind, especially immediately following death?


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