Sunday, April 27, 2014

Re: Mind's Eye Desire

Neil I find the last part of comment interesting,"   My soul?  Never see that realm as about me.  " I know you are atheist, no problem with that. Now an oddity that seems that only on the winter solsist  or however it is spelled .  Dating back to the era of Stonehenge. The one I saw a film of the interior the showed a ancient symbol of three spirals connected at a center point. The archeologist said that it was believed to represent a doorway for the soul into the after world→¿life?

It is odd that the soul seems to keep showing in ¿all? Religious beliefs no matter where in the world , no matter the belief system or the era of time from ancient to modern times.

It is always showing up and hidden from sight. ¿Why? Any answers?

(    Matrix ~ Do No Harm
  )        ~ Soul controls body
[_D ~ Allan H


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