Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mind's Eye Re: Tired With the Intenet

The wonderfulness of this medium still amazes me. I agree it hasn't nearly reached it's potential. We lost one of the best and most famous innovators when Steve Jobs died. I actually think he WAS alien he was just too smart to be human. Maybe he just went home on the mothership. You missed your ride Neil.


On Saturday, April 5, 2014 4:50:38 PM UTC-5, archytas wrote:
Mt first real use of the internet was searching for academic papers.  Back then you probably had to get hard copy via inter-library loan to actually be able to read them.  The ability to search was the great advance.  Physically browsing whatever your university had in stock was always rather difficult.  It's much easier now, though outside science, this has only increased my feeling the academy is a redundant organ.  The good thing about being at university was it increased your chances of being with people who might be interested in something other than gossip, small talk and fuck-buddying.  I said ' increased your chances' - universities are full of trivial behaviour and mass match-making.

I rather hoped the internet would be a place to escape the trivial and be a place for dialogue of the authentic, sincere, comedic and speculative.  I believed this possible because we could search each other out.  Currently I feel it is better than main media, but then so is walking the dog.  Most of my online time is spent in intranets, usually tutoring or searching databases of knowledge or institutional facts (stats usually).    The internet as I'd like to see it doesn't seem to be happening.  Quite a lot of the other stuff I do on lone is illegal, like watching films to discover they weren't worth buying in the first place, or watching television without adverts or promos.  I can still see potential, but the changes I'd hoped for just haven't materialised.  How's everyone else feeling?


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