Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mind's Eye ...but it rained yesterday

Took the kids to train
Then the clouds let loose of the rain
Though the rainbow was bright across the sky
Then I wondered 'nature's sly'?

I don't know how we were made to believe this; since we were young we've hold the view that when there rainbow no matter how black or thunderous the clouds are it'll never rain.
And at the source or end of the rainbow there is a hidden treasure (as believed by Allan lol).
But yesterday proved this notion wrong, concerning the former and I was astonished much.

This notion as I know is based on the story of Noah and the Ark; when the rainbow appeared the rain was no more. Therefore we've made to believe that when there is rainbow there will never be rain... BUT IT RAINED YESTERDAY.

I have been wondering since yesterday, is this change due to our sins (evil deeds)...
or it something due to the depletion of anything scientifically or unknown?
Funny questions lol.. but I'm much confuse. Any idea(s)


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