Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mind's Eye Re: Quieting the mind

I'm not sure meditation works for anyone.  I never meet I, having long relied on others to confuse themselves on my identity and motivations I don't have.  I sometimes hope there is someone else in here for company and can dream close to a sense of touch.  I look for space in a time we can see what it is and other future memories beyond.  I come up dry.

On Friday, 23 August 2013 05:57:52 UTC+1, AmandaRheen wrote:
I am ignorant in this thing despite many conversations with those who meditate.  What does it truly mean to quieten the mind in meditation?  Are people talking about language and running commentary?  Is it stopping the judgement function and retaining perception? Does it include quietening imagining or image making?  What about sensation?  Is it more about obtaining a certain Bain wave?  In relation to knowing that the mediator has reached the place they are seeking what is the inclusion and exclusion criteria?

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