Monday, July 29, 2013

Mind's Eye rainbow

Something occurred a while back and I am wonder the thoughts of others in the group involving this particular rainbow

My wife and I were driving across the ijsselmeer  that is the big body of water in the Netherlands in the Amsterdam area In the center of it is a very long bridge heading in the direction of Amsterdam ..

It had been raining and there was a rainbow in the middle of the bridge we were joking about the pot of gold that is lies at the end of the rainbow..   It was a very strong and beautiful rainbow as we drove toward it , the rainbow remained in the center of the bridge..  all at once we were surrounded by the sparkling colors of the rainbow..  we were in the very end..  totally sparkly and strange


|_D Allan

Life is for moral, ethical and truthful living.

Of course I talk to myself,
Sometimes I need expert advice..

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