Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mind's Eye energy

Was watching a TV commercial regarding fuel and all the yada involving fuel recovery and conservation,,  which is a bunch of crap..  what was pf interest was their selling the idea that ethanol will be able to replace the gas or fuel needs of the world when the natural fuels run out..

At the present rate of consumption  the next two centuries will pretty much deplete most of the reserves..  how long I do not know but much faster than it took to create it.

What i hear is a company selling the concept that ethanol production will become enough to replace natural fuels..  personally I do not think so..  when it is totally gone there will be barely enough for emergency vehicles   and it will become extremely expensive and rationed to the point one might be able to get a couple of liters a month.

Ethanol production will be limited..  maybe that will be a good thing as it might put an end to the massive war machines and armies that exist today..  it seems to be a comforting lie rather than a solution to the looming fuel crisis and a way to let the extreme greed run as long as possible..

|_D Allan

Life is for moral, ethical and truthful living.

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