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Re: Mind's Eye Re: Search Engine As God

I don't think God knows every thing that will happen..   that would create pre-destiny and that would eliminate the nature of free will..  Free will is an important part of this exam our souls are involved in by taking the life exam. You have to be able to chose your own solutions to the problems life puts before you.

I do find the computer idea interesting.. and an interesting way of putting it..  as the economy .. as for over size institutions..  well maybe the Canadians have it right by over regulating them..  there economy has not gone through the bubble and bursts that all of our economies have..  the US economy started the down hill slid with Reaganomics and deregulating the banks and Markets..   all that did was open the doors for the greedy and slimy souls to  practice their ideas at the expense of the population..  the proper name for politicians, bankers and cawyers in the US is "cockroach"

As for new or unique ideas I did see one  the other day..  (completely off topic --  yet watch the video)

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It is true this idea can't resist your initial critique Allan.  The metaphor is a  bit shaky and we have seen it before as Laplace's Demon and its situation knowing everything that has happened and everything that will.  The author's points can be found at the link.  They aren't about god as any of us might consider he/she/it.

Students make Francis' point all the time - but they actually don't know 'how to google' in any depth.  Sites like Wiki and the BBC have given them information that satisfies teachers in schools, but they rarely find all the information and very little of the critique.  The big mess search engines throw up is pretty banal.  I'd no doubt produce more hits on a video of Maxwell eating my dentures than a listing of the details of my petrol from air machine.  I occasionally set questions like 'find the earth's major energy source and critically evaluate the efficiency of the main processes that harness it' - this is a question about the sun and such as photosynthesis, but most seem not to know this post-Google.

My own interest in this IT/IS question concerns "finance".  Finance has long had a god-like quality in my thinking - if we think of the kind of gods that would turn any moral creature to Prometheus.  Most of us in here know the plot - we should build safe homes for 2 billion people from Tornado Alley, British flood plains and on to Monsoon areas and so on.  We should take local-global catastrophe seriously and even such matters as leaving the planet or biological form longer term.  Instead we have finance acting as an unquestioned god on how we organise ourselves.  There's a free PDF on the finance curse here -

Information systems are potentially a way to free us from the finance gods without  replacing them by State capitalism.  Currently they give us more reason to worry about yet more intrusion into our lives by the powerful.  We have problems conceptualising in areas like this because terms like "transparency" are both good and bad.

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If God did not exist – people would invent one! The development of 
human civilization requires mechanisms promoting cooperation and 
social order. One of these mechanisms is based on the idea that 
everything we do is seen and judged by God – bad deeds will be 
punished, while good ones will be rewarded (or was this Santa?). The Information Age has 
now fueled the dream that God-like omniscience and omnipotence can 
be created by man.

This is an interesting way of thinking about information systems - full free paper at

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