Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mind's Eye Re: The Truth and Nothing But...

There is a point at which one has to accept that celebrating history
as truth would be extremely difficult in public events like the
Olympics. A re-enactment of, say, the joint action of British,
French, German, American, Russian and Japanese navies putting down the
Boxer revolution in China (1902 ish) is probably something to leave
behind at such moments. The Queen leaping out of a plane and arriving
by parachute with James Bond is at least obvious fantasy. At least we
were spared, as in Fifty Shades of Grey mode, the jump as some form of
bondage sex. Sport is rather tiresome - how long before the prone
full-bore is advertised in the obvious innuendo?

On Jul 31, 1:19 pm, rigsy03 <rigs...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> True. The truth can hurt- maybe that's why we avoid it- or try to. And
> it takes time/maturity/experience to weigh and judge facts. The best I
> can do is get back to those imaginary scales I try to manage- weighing
> the good against the bad- and hoping they will balance and bring me
> some kind of acceptance.
> On Jul 28, 10:10 pm, Vam <atewari2...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Things might be in books, papers, media, or other people's minds.
> > Yet, it is YOU who is central to everything, including facts you are aware
> > of.
> > Facts are truths of the moment, as it is in your insight and conviction.
> > Even whether a 'story' is complete, or not, is a matter of your perception.
> > Of course, it depends upon how much details you've gone on to acquire
> > and place in your awareness, analysed it and obtained a consistent insight
> > with a critical eye.
> > The elephant in the room can be known for what it is.
> > But it takes focus, the opposite of dissipation,
> > and hell of a lot of going through.
> > We've generally lost the motivation for going after facts
> > and the art of going through !
> > On Sunday, July 29, 2012 1:49:51 AM UTC+5:30, rigsy03 wrote:
> > > Was thinking more about Vam's statement about facts. Well, who
> > > presents the facts and how are they edited or censored? Many were
> > > content to think of American Indians as Tonto(Lone Ranger) until "Bury
> > > My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown came out. When facts have a
> > > political, religious or social purpose, you can bet you are not
> > > getting the complete story. Same with families who whitewash family
> > > history. No one who has read British history believes the Olympic
> > > opening ceremony selections are the full story- that's entertainment-
> > > otherwise fisticuffs and tears.- Hide quoted text -
> > - Show quoted text -



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