Monday, July 30, 2012

Mind's Eye Re: The Truth and Nothing But...

Ahhh the ongoing, everlasting, nonstoping quest for truth.
I was having a go at a great frined of mine just the other day9coz you can with greate freinds).  I was berating him for his constant whinging about the olympics being here, and yes of course he is not into sport so I kinda get it, but he was being all indgnant thatr his harsh words on Twitter were bringing him back harsh words in return.
I told him that like it or loath it the Olympics is a world wide event and it IS (capital S coz it's 'the truth') a big deal for us native Londoners to have it here.
He said something along the lines of  So I have to pretend to lie it then?  I told him of course not, but you can't pretend to not understand how antagonistic words from the 'we don't like it camp' may bring the same back from the 'we love it camp.'
His reply was a rather terse one telling how he doesn't like to be called wrong, mine was equaly as terse mentioning the S word (yes subjective) and telling him to man up and don't let others words get to him, ohh and of course you're wrong mate.
His next reply..... hehe he didn't bother!
I guess the point is we will not find out who is correct about the benifits to the UK and London from the Olympics untill long after and so I would say that most facts cannot be substantiated untill time has shown them for what they are.

On Sunday, 29 July 2012 13:21:07 UTC+1, Molly wrote:
Facts are an important fact-or of consensus reality which is based solely on mind (temporal).  There is more to truth than that, but relative truth can be found with facts, including consensus truths.  But they are relative.

On Saturday, July 28, 2012 11:10:42 PM UTC-4, Vam wrote:
Things might be in books, papers, media, or other people's minds. 
Yet, it is YOU who is central to everything, including facts you are aware of. 
Facts are truths of the moment, as it is in your insight and conviction.

Even whether a 'story' is complete, or not, is a matter of your perception.
Of course, it depends upon how much details you've gone on to acquire 
and place in your awareness, analysed it and obtained a consistent insight 
with a critical eye.

The elephant in the room can be known for what it is.
But it takes focus, the opposite of dissipation, 
and hell of a lot of going through. 

We've generally lost the motivation for going after facts
and the art of going through ! 

On Sunday, July 29, 2012 1:49:51 AM UTC+5:30, rigsy03 wrote:
Was thinking more about Vam's statement about facts. Well, who
presents the facts and how are they edited or censored? Many were
content to think of American Indians as Tonto(Lone Ranger) until "Bury
My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown came out. When facts have a
political, religious or social purpose, you can bet you are not
getting the complete story. Same with families who whitewash family
history. No one who has read British history believes the Olympic
opening ceremony selections are the full story- that's entertainment-
otherwise fisticuffs and tears.



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