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Re: Mind's Eye Syria

I understand the middle east is a mess..  (not in support of any side)  Israel was provided land under a UN agreement  which I can agree on  the have a right to live as a nation..     but that agreement was not enough they had to attack the surrounding countries  coincidentally the only reason they were able to do that twas the US intervened in a war they started.. From the actions of the Israel nation they are nothing but a group of thugs and trouble makers..   It is Israels aggressiveness that keeps the area in turmoil..   If you don't believe me Don look at the west bank  That is totally a palistianian area except that the isreals run  in and start building settlement claiming it is part of isreal..

Until isreal's nucular weapons are dactivated, then totally removed (they have proven that they can not be trusted on any level) and the nation is brought under control there will be no peace in the area.

My solution isolate the entire area and  let them have fun killing each other,,  with out backing or support to either side..  that is apparently what they like to do by demonstration.

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 12:03 PM, Don Johnson <> wrote:
Hey Allan just noticed your comment here. I may be beating a dead horse but i couldn't let this go without at least a token response. Of course we would not have invaded just because of Saddam's human rights violations. Stability in the region that supplies much of the world's oil was, as you rightly point out, a major concern. It still is or at least should be. Our friends the Saudis were even worried. I'm very concerned we are packing up and leaving the party far, far too soon. Without US soldiers in the region Iraq is likely to fall under Iranian influence. Indeed, much of the 'insurgency' has been directed from Tehran. 

I'm at a loss with your description of the Palestinian/Israeli situation. You sound like you think there was a 'war' between Palestine and Israel. I admit I'm no M.E. scholar but all the wars I know about involving Israel post partition plan involve several Arab countries against a fledgling Western nation. Any land grabbing not sanctioned by the UN was done after Israel was threatened by Syria, Jordan and Egypt during the 6 day war. Recent Israeli attempts at pacification by giving up some of these lands has been repaid with attacks. Of course there's more then one side to this story but hearing all the rhetoric from Arab countries in the last 30 years or so has me convinced peace has never been further away. Arabs don't want peace they want to annihilate Jews. The recent 'Arab Spring' and the forming of Muslim Brotherhood governments with peculiar new laws further demeaning already subjugated women just reinforces my poor opinion of the backward culture these folks have to endure. God help them all. 

From my observations it seems clear the surrounding countries have no interest in a strong and independent Palestine. They want that land for themselves. If every Jew picked up and left today by tomorrow a half dozen Arab countries would be staking their claim and the so-called 'Palestinians' would remain the perpetual refugees that they are and be shoved off further into the desert.  Darwin's Theory and all that. 

Soooo glad to be appreciated Vam. I especially like it when my perspective is critiqued soundly. There is much we would probably agree on and I have been known to  be wrong. Occasionally. 


On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 2:38 AM, Allan H <> wrote:
Don I am not saying Saddam was perfect,,  but then no world leader is..  It was the desire for Bush to be a great war time leader that brought on the Iraq war  not human rights..   The invasions have all been based on oil or other means to pay for the cost of war..  You talk about the Philistine people being the terrorists..  well how to you take into the account of Israel taking their land by force..  and in their war  which they would have lost if the US had not stepped in supplying them with the needed ammunition to carry it on..

Putting it bluntly the US has in the past supported Israels terrorism as it has continued to this day..  If the US did not support Israels terrorism  the world would a different more peaceful place..  face reality Don if there was no law in Texas region and your neighbor came over and stole your stuff you would be strapping on your guns and going to go get your property back...

You can not place blame on people for wanting to recover what is theirs and support those that stole the property in the first place

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 2:36 AM, Don Johnson <> wrote:

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 7:19 PM, Don Johnson <> wrote:
Russia is fairly cozy with Syria's current leaders. Any military intervention by a Western power would be seen as provocative by Russia. Their presence on the security council blocks any official military action from the UN. Veto power. We have seen what 'unilateral' intervention by a Western country can do to it's world reputation. Your reference to Iraq

and the USA's invasion and occupation doesn't mention WHY this was done nor what led up to it. It might interest you to know that human rights groups had been whining for YEARS about Saddam's abuses. The UN, left to it's own ineffectual devices, will do nothing.
So, you ask why Western countries don't interfere. Look to Iraq and see your answer. If you ask why neighboring countries don't interfere it's because they expect the US or UN to to all the heavy lifting so they do nothing. Just like those countries surrounding Palestine that could help that country succeed and prosper by helping it rid itself of militant trouble makers like the PLO but instead enable them to greater mischief. They were very effective in raising money for so-called 'aid' that was used instead for terror purposes and to solidify their own power. It's a shame really. Israel could be a great neighbor if hate were put on the back burner and tolerance and respect given a chance.
I am not holding my breath. BTW, Iran has it's stinky little fingers in all these Mid-East pies as well. I'm not being racist, dammit I'm calling the Government stinky, not the Iranian people. Them I like well enough and was frankly disappointed Obama did NOTHING after that bogus election and crack-down on dissenters that followed. Nary a peep about that do we hear do we?

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 6:35 AM, rigsy03 <> wrote:
The Egyptian military might not be so pleasant when they lose their

Humans have been killing their brethren forever- it started with Cain
and Abel. I wonder how long we can call the shots with an empty

On Apr 16, 3:03 am, " kid" <> wrote:
> Now i cant help but think of the Military role in all this... if a
> number of them defect... or if they refuse orders.. i am sure they
> could neutralize the situation.. thats one thing the egyptians had..
> support of the Army... i dont know how these people can stand shelling
> civilians..its incomprehensible... Thsi calls for a new post all
> together i suppose.. rise of the modern Army....
> On Apr 12, 11:06 pm, Allan H <> wrote:
> > The middle east is a nightmare to say the least. looking over the migration
> > of human population essentially the middle east is essentially the same
> > segment of the human population, whether it is the second or third great
> > migration is of little importance. BUT in my observation each migration has
> > its own sense of morality all though there is common parts they are not the
> > same view and definitely do not have a common morality.
> > Every time  the west or 5th migration intervenes to aid in the affairs of
> > the middle east it degenerates down to tribal factions,  If you intervene
> >  you are condemned ..  and it seems the west only intervenes is either for
> > oil or in the Case of the Bush-Iraq pure ego..  How would you suggest
> > eliminating the made man?
> > Allan
> > On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 4:33 PM, kid <>wrote:
> > > thats what i want to know gabbs, if you dont have power, what can you do?
> > > But i understand a little perhaps what youre saying, this attitude that
> > > promotes statuse quo , that those who do will always do.... thats why i
> > > want the neighbor countries to take part in the intervention... well.. at
> > > least we have a ceasefire now.. dont know where it'll go from there...
> > > On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 1:49 PM, gabbydott <> wrote:
> > >> I am sorry that I was replying to how you said it rather that what you
> > >> said. In fact I was interested in just that, in how it works. - In order to
> > >> escape the apathy of knowing it's always those with the economical and
> > >> military power who do what they always do. - I did not succeed, I need to
> > >> find another way to make peace with myself.
> > >> On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 5:46 PM, kid <>wrote:
> > >>> Ok... i thought i did... at one point.. but i dont get what youre
> > >>> saying....sorry... although i must say i am in love with how you use
> > >>> words....... anyways.. i am guessing you didnt like my style... youre
> > >>> right.. i don blame you.. the end part does seem stupid... honesty can seem
> > >>> dumb if not adjusted correctly... all i am trying to say is.. i am just
> > >>> trying to figure out the attitude towards Syria.. of other nations.. and at
> > >>> the same time... wondering of how things might end... or how prolonged the
> > >>> conflict will be... and that it worries me if there is no intervention... i
> > >>> also wanted to know what others thought about it....
> > >>> On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 2:51 PM, gabbydott <> wrote:
> > >>>> Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Poly. Let me explain how
> > >>>> your thoughts come across here on my side. The first thing that strikes me
> > >>>> as strange is the politically correct formulation of feelings about an
> > >>>> issue of human interest. I see citizens arguing for the health benefits of
> > >>>> the salad in their bowl while expanding in size over their fried meat side
> > >>>> from the fondue pot. Which then makes me stumble over your desire to share
> > >>>> your concern with us guys. Why don't you just say what you want and let me
> > >>>> pick my salad pieces in the order I like them best? Your share makes me
> > >>>> think of an invitation to divide and impera on over-fertilized ground ...
> > >>>> need to stop here ... need to go out now while it's not raining yet.
> > >>>> On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 9:11 AM, kid <>wrote:
> > >>>>> Now i know plenty is being said about the situation in Syria.. but i
> > >>>>> am really bothered because it seems we're stuck in a loop.... this is
> > >>>>> reminding me of the time of American occupation in Iraq.. whenever you
> > >>>>> switched the news on there would report of some bombing or explosion
> > >>>>> in Baghdad or elsewhere, likewise now... you switch on the news
> > >>>>> anytime there will definitely be something on the shelling in Homs or
> > >>>>> somewhere else.. what is disturbing is that though the images of gore
> > >>>>> reach us pretty quickly .. there is minimal news on the efforts by any
> > >>>>> big states , through the UN or otherwise.. its only the one percent
> > >>>>> that gets to the world i suppose..i guess you cant really imagine the
> > >>>>> real situation there.. now i am not commenting on the politics ,
> > >>>>> because i feel you can seriously talk and talk.. all that should be
> > >>>>> left for later... What i dont understand is that there is no active
> > >>>>> intervention even by the neighboring countries.. surely they cant
> > >>>>> support Assad.!. i get most of the countries are perhaps dealing with
> > >>>>> their own.. but you cant help but sense some apathy towards the whole
> > >>>>> thing.Also its understandable that one might be wary of supporting
> > >>>>> rebels or any ideology, but it is clear now that the Syrian government
> > >>>>> is bent on exterminating half of its population..there is no reason to
> > >>>>> withhold active intervention.. and yes i mean a military one..It is
> > >>>>> clear as daylight Assad is killing his own the security
> > >>>>> council just a fancy name or what   ..I dont know what the purpose of
> > >>>>> this piece was.. And i feel it would be hypocritical to say much as i
> > >>>>> have no idea of whats actually going on there.. but i am just
> > >>>>> concerned and i am posting it here to share with you guys..cos well ..
> > >>>>> thats what we do.. what do you think guys...
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Life is for moral, ethical and truthful living.

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Life is for moral, ethical and truthful living.


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