Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mind's Eye Re: Some Education

One problem is a system designed for the masses- one size fits all,
unrealistic expectations, success myths, etc. Sometimes the "school of
hard knocks" is the real diploma in life because it is not theoretical
but very real- if you want to acknowledge reality, that is. Recently,
there was a blurb somewhere about an exchange between Rousseau and
Voltaire: R- Life can be hard. V- And the alternative is? Am rereading
"Candide" as a detour presently- it still zings!//Anyway, what
benefits rural children unless they give up for the lure of cities?
Math and reading, computer skills/commodity markets, health and
homemaking education including safe water and pesticides, etc., family
planning, challenges to legal and religious ignorance and violence, a
roomy space for expression in the various arts. One might stress the
comfort of being an individual in a small community versus invisible
city dwellers. All of the above, presented in an age appropriate
manner, of course.

On Apr 12, 9:43 am, " kid" <> wrote:
> Recently, i was part of some filed work in a village ... we were
> looking into primary education there.... well.. while doing the
> report.. i thought i couldnt really understand education.. clearly
> what works for the city kids wouldnt work for those in the rural
> side..most of them do think theyre wasting their time...teachers hate
> the kids kids hate the teachers..everyone is bitching... the situation
> is pretty bad.. those who can do get out.. actually primary education
> in my country is pretty beat up... now in know most of you are from
> the 'West'.. Sounds weird when i say it like that.. we're frequently
> told that primary education in the west is quite o.k. .... in fact
> good.. What do you guys think?.. Also... how do you define
> education..i almost hate the term by now.. get to hear it so much with
> people having no idea of what they mean.... what do you think..?


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