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*None of us is responsible for other people's beliefs particularly Muslims

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Thanks to ya'll for the extensive responses on the topic. Most of us
agree on certain basics, some don't, and it is time to close with the
following notes and move on:

1. Whether the Pakistani right wingers believe Ahmadies are Muslims or
not, they need to be civilized to treat their minorities. This bigotry
of right wing Pakistani Muslims essentially gives authority to the
right wing bigots in USA, Israel, UK, India, South Africa, Australia,
France, Sweden and other nations to harass Muslims. The right wing
Muslims are too rottenly selfish and don't care about other Muslims
who are a minority elsewhere. The attitude of a fewPakistani American
Muslims stinks and is shameful.

2. None of us is responsible for other people's beliefs particularly
Muslims. God will not ask anyone to bear other people's burden. On the
day of Judgment you will be judged for your aamals and not even your
kids's spouses' or parents. You stand alone on that day, and you
should learn to mind your own business in the matters of faith. (there
are several ayaats in quraan about this)

3. Nobody has a bloody right to judge other people's faith and no one
has a right to deny other peoples belief. No one owns Islam, a kisi ke
baap ka mazhab nahin hai.

4. Pakistan was wrong in making declaration about Ahmadiyya, they did
not have that right, neither the Muslim scholars had that right, only
Allah has that right. If Pakistan has a right to harass Ahamdies, then
US can get away harassing Muslims of all hues. If it is evil to harass
Muslims in America, then it is evil to harass anyone anywhere
including the Muslim countries and particularly in Pakistan.

We have exhausted the information and it is time to welcome postings
similar to these:

" I am a Muslim and I am accountable for my aamals, and I don't
believe in harassing any one in Pakistan for their belief."

" I declare that I am not God and have no intention to judge any human
being on his or her faith, that is not my business"

" I declare that it is not a Muslim thing to mistreat fellow beings"

" I declare that Prophet Muhammad is Rahmatul Aalameen, a mercy to
mankind and I will follow in his footsteps and be a mercy to fellow

I admire all those who have supported the right of fellow Pakistanis
in their pursuit of happiness.

Link to this note at:

Jazak Allah Khair
Mike Ghouse
Muslims Together

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