Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Re: Mind's Eye Re: Truth & I

Now I try to avoid judgement, yet it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid, along with the economic whoa - 

I started this just before one of the wife's appointments and I was in one of my notoris discussions  with my self.


One of the greatest problems today is the ability to make a sound judgement, it seems this ability has eroded away especially in the stock market. I remember when you studied stoc performance over the years in order to make the judgement would the company goup in value or down..  a process that was serious as it cost quite a bit of money to buy the shares and you had to recoup that costs ..  this was based off the preformance of a company over a 1, 2, 5, 10, or 15 year period depending on how you were investing ,, whether it was for short term or long term investment,

Today  well it is based or so it seems strickly on how much you think a stock will go up over the next two minutes or maximum of ten days..  listening to the stock report on TV I am not an investor,, you watch the fluctuation going wild,,  because I work with precious metal,,  I remember the news headline report that Gold was over $2,026.oo to be exact  Ah I see it went up since I last looked   it was $1632. then now it is $1740 it has gone up..  but if I look at the long term market it has lost money,,  You can not say something has gone up in value when it has lost money..  worse yet they hid the highest values it was selling for to hide the poor judgement.

People have lost the the ability to make sound judgement and exchanged the standard for one of greed instead. 


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