Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Re: Mind's Eye Facebook IPO rip-off?

the only reason I use face book now is because my daughter is ther and it is how I keep track of what is happening in her life..
I like the new EU laws that require these massive companies to turn over all information they have on  you on request..  and also have to delete all information  also on request.. will glad when they take effect.. 
The companies don't like the fines involved if they don't comply.

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 12:50 AM, archytas <nwterry@gmail.com> wrote:
The selling point of Facebook is supposedly the "lock-in" it has one
you as a customer because your friends are there.  I can't really be
bothered with it because so many people I don't want to know are
there!  And all the spam and dire else that comes with the Internet.
I do shop online, but that's largely because I don't like shops and
shopping - plus some stuff is much cheaper than my 'local' chain-

What I'd like to be able to do is buy in advance direct from
manufacturers in an environment  of peer review on quality and
service.  One can easily imagine a kind of auction service for such in
which I put up what I want and manufacturers and service suppliers
could bid to fulfill my needs and that of my agreed collective.  I'd
want fellow members to be able to control and advertising and for a
collective representation if things go wrong.

The technology to run Facebook is hardly a barrier to entry.  My idea
would be to undercut retailing through a new logistic model that would
not involve the collective auction becoming a retailer or holding
stock.  One example is Green Metropolis which just takes a fee on
books held by members and sold through its site.

I think a lot of fingers will get burned over Facebook.  I wonder if
there is an alternative that would not be concerned with retailing and
all its gimmicks?  I've never responded to a Google ad so far and
suspect there must be a better way to source essentials.

|_D Allan

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