Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mind's Eye Re: Beliefs

Our dog is upstairs sulking because I'm building a flat-pack wardrobe
in Sue's room instead of letting him drag me round the block. One is
in need of several 'Patches' in life to cope with dog detritus
cunningly placed underfoot and the congeries of flat-pack assembly -
notably one to cope with my temper on these occasions of hazard!

On Jan 30, 7:35 am, Allan H <allanh1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have had both of my knees replaced,  I am not complaining as they are
> what allow me to walk normally,  they do come with their share of problems
> though and they can not take the abuse of a normal healthy knee..
> This morning I was taking my dog down stairs to go potty, half awake as
> usual and I over stepped taking three steps at one time. That is not good
> for me or my artificial knees. The moment before what could have been a
> serious accident happened I was suddenly brought to being totally
> alert where I was able to prevent a serious falling accident. I have a
> Spiritual Guardian whose name is Patches who managed to save my buns from
> serious injury. Patches is very much part of my life in this physical
> world, Because of him I know there is order instead of chaos and also there
> is rank and file.
> I am very grateful to Patches as he has been my companion though thick an
> thin. I know he is a very honored guardian, the reason why I prefer not to
> make public..
> (NOTE)
> The occupy movement is required to move to shelters during freezing weather
> which was to the delight of the Mayor of Den Haag ,,  sorry
> the occupy movement is allowed to be on their site till 10 PM at which time
> they are required to go to shelters for their safety, The courts have ruled
> this way  and they also ruled that the tents do not have to be removed and
> when it is safe to return they will to their tents full time..  the
> emergency shelters are open to all that need them and the homeless are
> required to go there.. The City is also required to 'post' Police Officers
> to protect their property and tents while they are in the shelters.
> It is nice to see protesters dealt with humanly rather than have them beat
> up at the whim of politicians under the influence of money.
> Allan
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> |_D Allan
> Life is for moral, ethical and truthful living.


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