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Re: [Mind's Eye] Re: Happy Thanksgiving to all- even if it's not your national feast day.

The problem with religious book thumpers as is read them is a total lack of knowledge and wisdom or at least that is what it appears to me.

I had an old girl type friend who actually was fluent in shakespearean english, understanding what he said. She told me the real problem with shakespearean english is it was never really a spoken language so there was a great deal of difficulty in translating it to common english and in understanding what is said because people can claim any meaning that they want a word to mean..  I think if a person really understands what they are saying they can bring what they are saying to common english so everyone can understand what they are saying.

As for prophecy it is  truly an "art" to say something that actually apply to any and all generations,, maybe  this is simply because of human natures ability not to learn from past mistakes.

I do believe what a person believes is important to them as it should be simply because it is..  but don't expect converts to your beliefs,,  you would have a better chance to convince  Navajo  that they did not come out of the earth and that was a foolish idea because it is impossible..

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 2:53 AM, Edward Mason <> wrote:
Molly, you say this because you searched and found my sayings to be
false and unfounded, or because what I am saying doesn't match what
you already know and believe? When I say to you that women (female)
are equal to man (male) in the eyes of YHVH. In response, you say that
I plot for food to feed my ego. Where is any logic here? Shouldn't you
be after me to prove the validity of my claim in order that women over
the world may have their fair shake with the evidence in hand?

For those who trust that the Messiah will appear with healing in his
wings, do you think that he's going to come here telling you things
you already know? If you already know what the Messiah is going to
say, then how can it be that his Knowledge justifies many? It would be
your knowledge that justifies if you already had it, no?

Less personal, being born again simply outlines the need to be free
and fresh in thinking, searching for the Spirit of G_d. The new born
seems to be all eyes, ears, and mind. They are eager to know. This is
how we should compare. Just like the new born. This is the
resurrection of the dead. Remember the statement contributed to
Yeshua, "let the dead bury the dead"?

This is the generation which receives their sight. They come by way
that they had not known. They were not simply blind, but rather, they
had been blinded. Now match that up with all of the related prophecies
and see if they do not all say the same thing. Then, if they do, it
would no longer be my idea; my belief. But our reality. Believe me,
the falling tree makes just as much noise whether anyone is there to
hear or not.

Wherefore, whatever my words distract you from may need to be
weighted, for the sake of righteousness.


On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 3:47 AM, Molly <> wrote:
> Horsefeathers.  A good example of using scripture to elevate the ego.
> A big and boring distraction.
> On Nov 28, 7:41 pm, Edward Mason <> wrote:
>> Gabbydott, wrote: "It's a matter of education
>> and not of God's gender. "
>> Gabby, I have issues with such statements. First, let's note that
>> there are differences in education and proper education. But what we
>> are considering goes beyond both, and is referred to as Enlightenment.
>> This is going to include knowledge of YHVH"s gender. Moses made it
>> quite clear that man is afraid to see the face of God. There are
>> reasons for that.
>> An educated scientist on one hand, and an educated religious person on
>> the other. In their lab and in their temple, they cannot find the line
>> between science and spirituality. Why? Because there is no line. They
>> are not separate. Remember the angle teaching Jacob to breed the
>> animals spotted and speckled? That was and is a scientific endeavor.
>> Did you ever get to see the connection between the Fallen Angles and
>> the Egyptian gods (angles) that angered Ra, when they taught man how
>> to harness fire, process metals from rock, use of chemicals, etc.? The
>> men that got that knowledge became men of high statue, renown, giants
>> in their society. They used every bit of that knowledge to make war
>> and weapons of war. By getting that knowledge at that stage of
>> evolution, man wasn't able to do the right things with it. His
>> Knowledge was increased beyond his Wisdom.So his Understanding was a
>> the child of the whore (man's understanding) As punishment, they were
>> restricted. We get that educated version where the angles where having
>> sexual intercourse with the women.
>> The bottom line; nothing we do will work out all too well as long as
>> we keep YHVH as our enemy. We can not please YHVH without a knowledge
>> of Him. Proper education!
>> Edward
>> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 2:16 PM, gabbydott <> wrote:
>> > I just checked, Thanksgiving is over for this year. Let's hope rigs
>> > will be out of the kitchen soon.
>> > Also the blue plastic eye keeps on staring. Wasted words. The mod's
>> > clique keeps on doing what they want to. It's a matter of education
>> > and not of God's gender.
>> > On Nov 27, 1:17 am, Edward Mason <> wrote:
>> >>           " I
>> >> began to think history and philosophy are too masculine and often a
>> >> means of justifying terrible behavior.  "
>> >>           " Marx reached your 'conclusion' on
>> >> history and philosophy without noting that much in it has that
>> >> peculiar male edge. "
>> >>       Greetings, everyone! These concepts that some of you people
>> >> continue to expound upon are very significant, indeed.
>> >> However, we are far beyond any of the periods in which the feminine
>> >> principle ruled humanity. What we understand to be so is that way
>> >> because of incorrect knowledge, or rather, an incorrect translation of
>> >> Knowledge as referring the writings of the ancient. It results much as
>> >> if one is trying to assemble some item with the instructions written
>> >> in foreign language and no diagram.
>> >>         DICTIONARY
>> >>                         Knowledge; Man\....Wisdom;
>> >> Woman\....Understanding; The Man Child; Earth; Humanity\...
>> >>         THE STORY
>> >>        And your desire (Woman) shall be to your husband (Man). You two
>> >> are One as The Lord your God is One. For this cause shall the Man
>> >> leave his Man and Woman and cleave to his wife and they two shall be
>> >> One Flesh as the Lord God is One. Be fruit and multiply {give birth to
>> >> Understanding} and ( as such) you will be able to subdue the Earth.
>> >>        We live the consequence of getting it all wrong; what could
>> >> life be like if we could get it all corrected? To prove the logic and
>> >> the reality of this rendition of Ancient History; simply teach a woman
>> >> the Virtues of her nature (Femininity; Activity; Intuition; and the
>> >> rest, then tell her that she must be sub servant to a man, and see the
>> >> result. On the other hand, you could teach her correctly, and if she
>> >> apply it correctly, there will be much Glory for the world to behold.
>> >> Here lies the significance of the Queen's visit to King Solomon,
>> >> bringing him a train of gifts.
>> >>        Has any one of you ever wondered why YHVH would course the
>> >> earth for man's sake? Eve's hardship was placed directly upon her, But
>> >> Adam's punishment was filtered through the earth. Why? Man/Knowledge
>> >> is Stable. It can't be moved. None of you ever been posed with
>> >> questions of the fate of two objects meeting; one can't be stopped and
>> >> the other can't be moved? Knowledge and Wisdom, respectively. You see
>> >> the truth of this fact again at the fall of the tower of Babel. Note,
>> >> The Knowledge of Building was untouched by the Will of YHVH. The
>> >> change was applied to man's (human's) ability to benefit from
>> >> Knowledge. Remember YHVH telling Israel that he was giving it's Mother
>> >> a divorce? Remember YHVH sending the prophet to marry the whore and
>> >> make a baby with her?
>> >>       Wherefore, the male rule concept is on slate to be moved.
>> >> Best Regards,
>> >> Edward
>> >> On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 5:19 AM, rigsy03 <> wrote:
>> >> > One son arrived yesterday- another today- and a daughter, mid-week.
>> >> > Have spent the last couple of weeks getting the house ship-shape and
>> >> > the larder filled with their favorite foods.
>> >> > Am feeling closer to God and have rearranged a bookshelf to aid my
>> >> > understanding this winter- though we are still snow free as I type. I
>> >> > began to think history and philosophy are too masculine and often a
>> >> > means of justifying terrible behavior.
>> >> > Happy wishes to all from your impious rigsy.

|_D Allan

Life is for moral, ethical and truthful living.


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