Monday, October 31, 2011



by Zaki Khalid

US is sinkingWhat happens when you get stunned after realizing you were slowly and gradually burying yourself underground to the point that you choke yourself to death? Naturally you would start exasperating with full force to prevent self-immolation. Such is the case with the United States of America. This country of great people and equally greater devils has been at the mercy of its secret powerhouse of totalitarian bankers, corporate mafia, the military industrial complex and most importantly, the neoconservative warmongers who devise aggressive policies and hate-literature for sugar-coated evangelical Crusaders in the name of "War on Terror". Its statesmen and officials have become so frustrated by a group of devout resistance leaders in Afghanistan that in reactionary panic they have resorted to bullying Pakistan, whom they once labeled as their close ally.

Historically speaking, this has revealed itself to be the prime instigator for America's military adventurism abroad. Be it against Russia via Poland, against China and North Korea via South Korea, against Saudi Arabia via Yemen, against Pakistan via Afghanistan or even against Venezuela via Colombia. The list is endless. Pompous analysts in the Pakistani media who on the one hand repeatedly mock at the Pakistan Army and it's "Ghairat Brigade" of formulating strategies that are in favor of national interests forget to mention or let alone recall the fact that since the '60s, American geostrategy has been under the guidance of many successive generations of policy makers who were heavily inspired by the methodologies of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski; the former being a majestic guardian of Israeli interests and the latter being one of the most despised imperial-minded strategist the world has yet seen. Even today, if we note from the Bush Jr. era onwards, American foreign and defence policies have been proposed by intellectuals whose focus was Asia and its occupation: gaining control of a vast continent rich with countless minerals (gold, copper), natural resources (oil, gas, drugs) and most importantly, the waterways.

The corridor to Asia is the state of Pakistan. Additionally, the country itself is filled with many resources. America's pursuit for "9/11 masterminds" in Afghanistan was merely for control of the country's vast poppy supplies and to get a better access to neighboring Pakistan, both covertly and overtly. For the notorious CIA, Afghanistan was always the market (for cultivating and processing opium for drugs) and Pakistan was always the target. After a decade of occupation terrorism in Afghanistan, NATO and the US have finally started shifting their focus upon Pakistan but through a slow and steady pace so as not to incite global suspicion on the latter's regional motives. General (R) Musharraf was a golden boy for the Pentagon, General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani is a man of totally opposite characteristics, thinking and ambition. Unlike his counterparts in the West, General Kayani has maintained a silent and soft approach to the onslaught of criticism based on malicious propaganda. Similarly, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha of the ISI has resorted to silence during the hullaballoo among red-faced American Congressmen and military officials. As they say, the best way for a wise man to ignore stupidity is to keep silent and continue with his work.

Propaganda reaches climax when it turns into a severe attempt at reviling an institute. Pakistan's premier intelligence agency has been made the focus of BBC's latest documentary "Secret Pakistan", in which some unknown would-be suicide bombers "confessed" that they allegedly received training, funding and logistics by the ISI. It is simply absurd to even think that die-hard religious zealots who went ahead to strap explosive belts on their bodies would leave everything aside, go into hiding but later decide to take the risk of giving a statement to "kaafir" media. The killing of Saleem Shehzad, assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani and simultaneous defeat for the US and its allies at the hands of tribal warriors all have been blamed on Pakistan's security agencies, which makes us wonder: Why doesn't the US accept defeat? The answer, well, lies in the fact that when it comes to countries, pride hath a fall but not a reversal. The economic fall is being noticed through the expansion of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Although the American Empire plans to drastically escape from Afghanistan in immediate phases one after the other, it will never accept defeat. Its magnanimous charm and deceitful twisting of words will let it maintain the false impression that they are the "Harbinger of Freedom". This again, thanks to the corporate media in the West and certain news channels in Pakistan whose owners seem to have a certain affinity for the well-being of America's image.

What the media shows can be true and false. The prevailing shifts in South Asian geopolitics and the incessant rise in global resentment against war taking place through protests and rallies will eventually prove it is the United States military and the CIA which is the root cause of all terrorism we see around the world today, not Pakistan.

The writer is a geopolitical analyst and commentator based in Lahore

Shahzad Shameem

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