Friday, September 30, 2011

Re: [Mind's Eye] Re: Writing Ideas

Tz, I almost forgot that I meant to ask my question: Where is Allan?

On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 12:20 PM, gabbydott <> wrote:
Good points, Molly!

As for the Dalai Lama in his painted and sculptured by the people shape, his murder has already begun. Whether they'll still be able to create the mystery of detecting the right next reincarnation is already written in the stars, as Pat would say.

The passion market over the time has had many approaches of best practice exploitation. Nothing new here either.

On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 10:52 AM, Molly <> wrote:
Interesting notion, Neil.  My brother Micheal was a software engineer
for Intel and worked with global teams to develop software like this
for market.  Life certainly is reflective.  Enormous amounts of money
and effort are put into product development and marketing for
technologies like this.  My hunch is it has already been worked on as
long as quantum computing but the technology is catching up with the

A universal translator for understanding has been the life's work of
the Dali Lama, hasn't it?  Compassion.  The market so far seems

On Sep 29, 10:12 pm, archytas <> wrote:
> After one discovers the idea (such as lip reading plus sound to text)
> was only 'inventive' because you didn't know anyone else had thought
> it up, you are left with technical development - which we usually give
> up because we lack expertise or think others can do better.  One might
> think of getting the expertise together and going into product
> development.  Funding is a clear block to this.  What's left to us?
> What came to me was a form of murder mystery set in a team developing
> products like my 'universal translator' and new gadgets helping with
> detection.
> On Sep 29, 10:38 pm, archytas <> wrote:
> > Incidentally, Intel gave away the code for its lip reading software in
> > 2003 and attempts to integrate facial speech and sound had been made
> > then,tough I don't know of any on the market (haven't looked).
> > Currently, if I say something like 'Islamic banking still leaves its
> > poor poor' I get something Orn would ban me for.  It's the non-
> > technical development of ideas and writing that interests me.
> > On Sep 29, 10:25 pm, archytas <> wrote:
> > > My work with other people has usually been disappointing.  It's
> > > limited to a little university teaching and reading graduate
> > > submissions in the main.  Trying to write with other people is broadly
> > > a disaster and I'm in need of getting my own into focus.  I've been
> > > ill with energy sapped and the exercise I need to take hasn't helped
> > > much yet, though the new dog is a real treat when not eating my
> > > socks.  It's a bit of a new start.  Quite a few people write,some very
> > > well and This is an invitation to share and perhaps develop work
> > > between group members.
> > > I've tried speech-to-text software with dismal failure over the years,
> > > once building a monster pc with shed-loads of memory to no effect.
> > > More recently, trying the latest stuff on university approval, I found
> > > the stuff as hopeless and that it varied with my partial denture in or
> > > out.  This led me to the germ of an idea,which if any good I should
> > > patent before mentioning.  I video conference from a small netbook
> > > with its own webcam and colleagues use text translation when stuck for
> > > understanding.  This now works very well, but we obviously want voice
> > > translation to prevent repetitive stress injuries from the keyboard.
> > > I've seen some old films (silent) with a voice over lip-reading
> > > software - the best known are from Hitler's archive.  There's a
> > > product development possibility in this.
> > > I'd like to know whether this makes as instant sense to other ME
> > > people as me.  I haven't looked into this much spurred me into a
> > > sub-plot in my novel and that's what I'll be up to for a while.  We
> > > could 'write' this 'product development'.  I'm partly suggesting this
> > > for real but also as a metaphor (maybe) for more developmental writing
> > > on our ideas generally.  I won't say more at this stage.


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