Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re: [Mind's Eye] Re: New planet discoveries might change our views

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 7:38 AM, Pat <PatrickDHarrington@hotmail.com> wrote:

On May 19, 6:41 am, Chuck Bowling <aardvarkstudio.chu...@gmail.com>
> I think that with nanotechnology we will be able to synthesize pretty much
> anything we want from raw materials in the future. Assuming that any alien
> race capable of traveling the trillions of miles to get here would have at
> least the same level of technology my guess is that they wouldn't need
> anything we'd have to offer.

Perhaps they would want the two things we can spare the least:
ourselves as their 'food' and the REST of our planet's natural
resources.  After all, food and resources is exactly why WE'D be
touring the galaxy.

When I refer to resources I'm thinking about the 92 raw elements that naturally occur in nature. Given those and advanced nano-assembly techniques I think that literally anything can be replicated.

Assuming that's the case, I'd think that an advanced alien civilization would find better ways of feeding itself than to travel trillions upon trillions of miles to ravage the Earth.

As to why we'd be touring the galaxy, I think human curiosity would be a major factor.


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