Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Mind's Eye] Re: The " I " factor

We need our impulses as much as we need our reasoning abilities. There
are good and bad impulses. There is good and bad reasoning.

Who determines what is longterm or short term? History and lives are
replete with unintended consequences.

We are not the only concern of God, you know! That would be hubris. I
read the other day that intuition is the remnant of animal instinct
since we have so dulled our natural senses. I also noted a stroll by a
mallard and his mate for a couple of evenings along my driveway that
was so sweet- as sweet as any human couple. He was very polite
waddling a few paces behind while she nibbled the seed casings fallen
from boulevard trees. They retired to the creek.

On May 31, 12:31 pm, RP Singh <123...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The Will of God is not visible and one's nature is not a single
> entity--good or bad , rather one's nature contains both good and bad ,
> the super-ego and the id. It is in one's hand to follow the good
> prompting of his nature or the evil in him. It is your choice , do
> good in the interest of longterm benefit or the bad for short-term
> gains.As to the Will of God , He has made you a partner in His Will ,
> you have to choose, act with reason or follow your impulses like a
> madman.
> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 10:00 PM, Pat <PatrickDHarring...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > On May 31, 5:24 pm, RP Singh <123...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Whatever a man does he is bound to do as the Will of God is supreme,
> >> but a person is not a robot. The " I " is an active agent and it is
> >> the individual who taking control over his nature does good in this
> >> world and on letting himself go does the bad. Strength of resolve is
> >> inherent in every person , some use it a lot, others let their
> >> impulses rule most of the time. It is in man's hand to keep his nature
> >> under control , and again in his hand to let it run amok.
> > I agree with one exception.  Actually, it's more of an inclusion.  An
> > individual must discover their nature before taking control of it.
> > Then the rest follows...good or bad.  For example, I fully believe
> > that Charles Manson DID discover his true nature and STILL inflicted
> > great injuries against humanity.  The same for Hitler.  Sometimes,
> > knowing one's nature does not prevent one from doing evil but leads
> > them to do it.  In other words, if it is God's will that X be done and
> > X is perceived by most people to be evil, X will still be done, as it
> > is the will of God.- Hide quoted text -
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