Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Mind's Eye] Re: antimatter

On Apr 30, 8:24 pm, "pol.science kid" <r.freeb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> um....i dont think i should be posting this here but i think there are
> some science whiz kids on the group.... so would mind explaining to me
> the whole deal behind antimatter....and its implications....i just
> dont seem to get it....

The difference between mater and antimatter is charge. The antimatter
electron is a positron, it has the same mass and spin as an electron
but it has a positive charge rather than the usual negative charge of
an electron. The reason why both matter and antimatter exist is that
there exists symmetry in existence. Energy forms in what are,
essentially, chiral forms, that is, left-handed and right-handed and
you need both. Antimatter, having opposite charge, attracts matter
and thus is, in my theory, the driving force behind the expansion of
our space. Our space is expanding at the rate of the Hubble Constant
and it must be expanding THROUGH a medium and that medium
automatically implies there is a radial dimension to our space-time
through which our space is expanding. If the antimatter were removed
from the early universe--as it was--and set up at the boundary of the
medium through which space expands, it would exert a magnetic pull on
the matter in our space-time continuum and, therefore, act as the
driving force that drives the expansion of space by exerting a
magnetic pull on the matter and literally pulling it from the past
into the future. Of course, when the two coolide, it all anihilates
back to pure light and the process stars again (given a hyperbolic
shape to the medium through which we are expanding, that is!).


Anonymous said...

My view on antimatter is, that it is the mind and consciousness of all living entities.

You are your own universe.

Reality is where the minds (antimatter) meets the physical universe.

Interested? Then read my philosophical multiverse theory.

Google crestroyer theory, and find it instantly.


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