Saturday, April 30, 2011

Re: [Mind's Eye] Re: Given that it is almost impossible to be an individual

First, let me preface my comment by saying that I was being facetious about only believing my senses. I do believe that there are things out there that are as yet unexplained (note that I didn't say things that can't be explained).

Science has yet to come up with a truly consistent theory that explains all aspects of reality. However, it does seem reasonable to use the our senses as the foundation of a belief system that models our reality.

I would say it makes a very valuable contribution to say the least. We've made great progress in the sciences and more is sure to come. It is my belief that to ensure the continued survival of our species and evolution of sciences that it must continue to explore all the great mysteries of our world be they examining the mechanics behind our experiences, how things work or extraordinary claims that defy explanation.

I guess that what I'm trying to say is that while some may look into a cloud of mist and see a ghost, I would tend to believe that the ghost is just water droplets being stirred around by the wind. I don't entirely reject the possibility that the ghost might in fact be a ghost. I just put the likelihood very low on my list of probable explanations.

That is something I agree to myself, and add that identifying someones explanation for an experience as improbable doesn't necessarily negate the experience itself. Strange and extraordinary things do happen despite people's inability to apply verifiable explanation to the events. I'm not sure if this is useful really, even for the conversation, just my perspective.


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