Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Mind's Eye] Re: Just a thought...

This seems to be an interesting subject for me to start with. But I
have to tell you first of all that I have been an old member of "Minds
Eye" under a different name, I was known as Manfraco then. So, I hope
you do not mind me jumping in just like that. Anyhow I do believe that
we all do a lot of thinking during our lives, so, I am interested to
follow this thread.
My regards to you all,

On Apr 30, 11:23 pm, " kid" <> wrote:
> might thought be colored by the mind that engages it ....what is the realm
> of pure thought that you mention here .... is it logic and
> you mean the method of employing that thought...because
> ....knowing...percieving something for the first time the mind will
> automatically fall back on the things it thinks it does know....
> On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Chad Moore <> wrote:
> >  Knowledge unites, in being or in identity. Thinking separates, in
> > subject-object relationship.
> > Knowing has no place in the ordinary thought process. Thinking about
> > something
> > which has to be known is wrong, since it moves in a vicious circle. You
> > cannot think
> > of anything you have not known. Such thinking can never take you to the
> > Truth.
> > But when you direct your thought to something (say yourself) which you have
> > otherwise
> > visualized, the thought loses its own characteristics and limits, and
> > stands
> > revealed as that Self (Consciousness) itself. Thought is thus reduced into
> > its essence.
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