Friday, April 29, 2011

[Mind's Eye] Re: Just a thought...

I'm, Late to the party here, but greetings and welcome Chad. Hoping you are still around to respond.

Knowledge unites, in being or in identity. Thinking separates, in subject-object relationship.
Knowing has no place in the ordinary thought process.

Knowing can facilitate the refinements needed to explore diverse routes of thinking. I think in that sense knowledge can serve a valuable purpose.

Thinking about something
which has to be known is wrong, since it moves in a vicious circle. You cannot think
of anything you have not known. Such thinking can never take you to the Truth.
But when you direct your thought to something (say yourself) which you have otherwise
visualized, the thought loses its own characteristics and limits, and stands
revealed as that Self (Consciousness) itself. Thought is thus reduced into its essence.

 I'm pretty sure I agree with this at times, it is very reflective, and I could be entirely wrong in my mental picture of what you are referring to.. This process of revealing, bringing into consciousness, is a way to explore a dynamic and changing stream of experience. It can be either a hindrance or virtue I think, as you can be faced with indecision as a result, but if you built a dynamic and robust knowledge and came to this revelation naturally it can promote perspectives that overcome the boundaries of your knowledge. Hmm.. (?)


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