Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Mind's Eye] Re: Given that it is almost impossible to be an individual

Ash, as is obvious to most, gabby is attacking the person (http:// ) rather
than the ideas. That and a projection as to my theological stance
which is clearly not one that I have ever said I identified with only
leave one with a vague nausea and a hope to a return to something
other than simple trolling.

I am quite happy that you found the core notions of the post to be of
interest and/or use. As to a 'competing theory', that which is
lacking as you so rightly address ...and for good reason... I wouldn't
hold my breath.

On Apr 30, 8:05 pm, Ash <> wrote:
> > I am sorry to disappoint you Ash, but there is no competing theories here.
> > All is one. OM.
> Should I take this to mean that you have a conciliatory view on the proposed
> views? That would be interesting, and someone should put forward the
> potential argument behind it even if that's not what you're saying..


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