Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mind's Eye Re: Propaganda

Haven't seen the vid. I'm at work; audio not good right now. Forgot to mention Netflix's DareDevil series is destopian in nature. NY's Hell's Kitchen at it's seamy finest. Portrays the cops as evil and in collusion with equally as evil capitalist pigs. Standard Hollywood tripe. DareDevil is the young, blind, super-powered hero that beats the crap out of junkies and petty criminals but never seems to lay a hand on the big guys. Agonizes over morality but really enjoys beating the crap outta scumbags. Mostly a soap, tho. Good fight scenes. Scott Glenn as Stick; pretty cool that. 


On Monday, April 13, 2015 at 7:40:16 AM UTC-5, archytas wrote:
We like to think we can do rational discussion, yet there is now so much propaganda in our society it is hard to believe many of us are remotely prepared to argue with facts.

The situation is much worse than even this over-long video manages to put over.  Most entertainment drips with ideology and is made by remarkably few people.  I meet Americans who think propaganda critique like this is aimed at them.  I would rather say that, if there are 174 countries, there are 174 different versions of the propaganda.  Leadership tells the same lies everywhere, adjusting only the heroes and victims.

One area that has been interesting me is the extent of propaganda in the dire news and entertainment made available to us.  Why are series from Bonanza to NCIS so bad?  How do we end up with so many pro-police series given the weight of real incompetence and miscarriages of justice?  How can lawyers ever be presented other than as vile, fee-sucking parasites in a system in which justice is a rare fluke?

The name 'Bellissario' is in the credits of Magnum PI and NCIS.  This and a very few others are involved in making much of our entertainment, totally lacking in critical edge.  The same wooden actors seem to dominate everything too.

In the UK, half our journalists come from public schools (ie very high cost private schools) when only 7% of kids go to these bastions of privilege.  In the UK, it has taken a quarter of a century to bring the truth about deaths at a soccer match to light (Hillsborough) - what chance then of the truth about wars and economics in such a secrecy-prone society?


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