Monday, March 30, 2015

Mind's Eye Re: The new Chinese gold standard

I ain't wirkin with hasbeens who think being up just before noon GMT is "early".  You hillbilly colonials should work the Queen's time!

These currency thingys are odd - 77% of trades involving Euro are done in London and we ain't in Euroland.  Lots of US - West European banks get slices of the petro and euro USD - all this stuff goes back to such fine times as when we Brits allowed colonial peasants to pay taxes in silver (bought from us) and you guys ungratefully held a tea party with the fishes to celebrate.  Buying USD for the last 80 years has been a bit like having to pay a percentage to buy the silver to then pay taxes with it.- everyone has to buy USD to trade and pays fees along the way.  It's a protection racket really with the US getting bags of money to keep the band of heavies together to do enforcement.

It would be easy to explain this if people did spreadsheet thinking, so we could juggle dozens of financial balls instead of two or three.  These days you American folk are getting richer and richer by buying more and more of your dud bank investments in order to give the banks more capital to leverage to - er - make more bad investments to sell to you.  Makes awfully good sense and is working because some touchingly honest accountants say it is on the basis of the word of the bankers who are making money so hand over fist they need to keep being bailed out to lend more and more to people to buy the same property no one lives in or uses over and again, in order to put the price up because people with falling wages can really afford to buy and only stay with their parents until they are 36 because of lurve.

This spreadsheet has been written in detail by Steve Keen.  You'' think I'm lying, but the means used by our government economists to trash the real spreadsheet is to say private debt doesn't matter in economic affairs as it all zeroes out in accounting.

All Molly really has to consider 'in her pretty little head' (government view of us all) is whether she is bothered if the bully boys who steal her pension and savings are Americans or Chinese.  The economic stuff doesn't matter.

On Monday, March 30, 2015 at 12:18:10 PM UTC+1, Molly wrote:
Good to see you up so eary, Don. Feels like we are getting the band back together!

On Monday, March 30, 2015 at 7:00:22 AM UTC-4, Don Johnson wrote:
I agree it's a possitive sign. We've been hosing China with monitary easing for too long they finally did something about it.  USA has some gut checking to do that's for sure. I'll try to study up on it a little and have more to say tomorrow. 


On Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 8:28:24 AM UTC-5, Molly wrote:
The new Chinese bank established with a gold standard is gaining momentum on the international stage. How will this effect the world economy? These quotes from Bloomberg:

China's clout has been expanding for decades, as its rapid growth allowed it to snap up a rising share of the world's resources, its exports penetrated global markets, and its bulging financial assets gave it power to make big individual loans and purchases. Now, the creation of international lending institutions is leveraging that economic influence closer to the political and diplomatic arenas, as U.S. allies defy America to back China's initiative.


"This is the beginning of a bigger role for China in global affairs," said Jim O'Neill, U.K.-based former chief economist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., who coined the term BRICs in 2001 to highlight the rising economic power of Brazil, Russia, India and China…


Chinese President Xi Jinping's vision of achieving the same great-power status enjoyed by the U.S. received a major boost this month when the U.K., Germany, France and Italy signed on to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The AIIB will have authorized capital of $100 billion and starting funds of about $50 billion.


Canada is considering joining, which would leave the U.S. and Japan as the only Group of Seven holdouts as they question the institution's governance and environmental standards.


China, flush with the world's biggest foreign-exchange reserves and anxious to convert them into "soft power", is building an alternative architecture. It has proposed not just the AIIB, but a New Development Bank with its "BRICS" partners—Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa—and a Silk Road development fund to boost "connectivity" with its Central Asian neighbours…



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